Aztec themed Slots

Slot machines cover all sorts of themes, but one theme that keeps coming up is ancient history. We are obsessed with past civilisations that rose to greatness only to crumble to dust, and nowhere is this more evident than in the vast number of Aztec slots online. Play online with real money online slots Canada.

The Aztec culture seemed to have had it all – sun, sport and even human sacrifice that makes your blood run cold – yet their empire rose and fell in the space of just a few hundred years before being destroyed by the Spanish invaders. Yet in this short period of history, the Aztecs managed to build numerous cities, temples and pyramids, many of which remain, attracting tourists from all over the world to admire the ruins of this mighty civilisation.

Top game with an Aztec theme

Gonzo’s Quest takes on many of the civilisation’s most important themes. The cartoon-style Gonzo is searching for lost treasure in the ruins of a temple. The game cleverly uses mask symbols and the spinning reels to favour large stones falling on each other. Entertainingly, winning symbols are removed from the stacks so that more stones can fall.

Montezuma takes the theme differently, with a more serious approach. Based on the life of Emperor Montezuma, this slot game uses symbols such as a feathered headdress, eagles, pyramids and snakes set against golden reels in an Amazonian forest.

Emperor Montezuma is also featured in the Aztec Secret slot. This is a reasonably basic slot game, featuring symbols and pyramids from this era, but its simplicity makes it an ideal starting point for anyone new to online slots. Experience is an essential factor here: countless players report in online forums about the high winnings that can be raked in.