Magic Theme Slots

The Church has always condemned magic and the people who believe in it. The Bishop of Lyon, Agobard, wrote the treatise condemning a belief in magic. Although it was due to him, scientists of our time could learn that people believed in magic. The doctrine aimed to find a “philosophical stone” that could transform base metals into silver and gold. Scientists believed that the philosopher’s stone could cureInfinite numbers of deities characterised the old syncretic voodoo systeminite numbers of deities. Voodoo is also known for the complete domination of the human soul by unique mystic dolls. Play best mystic slots at the best online casino Canada .

The magic theme offers many fun online slot games

Among the “Childish” slots we can safely include “7 Lucky Dwarfs” (a familiar fairy tale about a loving girl and her friends), “Aladdin and The Wild Genie” (a charismatic young man who first learns about mystic), “Alice Adventure” (a golden-haired young lady will learn about the wizarding world), “Chase The Cheese” (the game about a cute mouse magician who loves fragrant cheese), “Unicorn Legend” (the slot about a delightfully beautiful snow-white unicorn with the blue-violet mane and platinum horn), “Magic Mushrooms” (the slot fascinates with its fabulous atmosphere), “Giant’s Gold” (captivates with realistic graphics and lively characters), “Jade Magician” (the game about a brave young witch who is just beginning to learn the world of mystic) and “Super Lucky Frog”.