Music themed online slots

Browse through the various Music Slots on this page, and you’ll find the joy of neon lights in the 80s, the funk of the 70s and the natural rock of world-famous bands like Guns N Roses. Music-themed slots are a great way to win money in a fast-paced and festive atmosphere. The music choices are vast, and the atmosphere is excellent, so get on the dance floor and start getting your groove on in one of the web’s music casino games. Use Canada online casino with no deposit bonus to claim more prizes.

More than 80 music slots are listed in our guide; not wrong, isn’t it? The music theme is by far the one that makes you want to move, and what could be better than playing in such an environment? 

You’ll discover different musical worlds, from the symphonies of the greatest maestros to the latest DJ tracks of our time! But these are not the only styles we will find in the music category: rock, metal, funk, jazz, electro and classical; it’s all there; you just have to pick the suitable machine and throw the spin to make the speakers. Start humming!

Of course, we have a few favourites to offer you: the band Motorhead, as well as Guns N Roses and Jimmi Hendrix, each have their own Netent game, a pleasant surprise that this publisher has made for us to celebrate its 20 years with us! The DJ Wild and Hardwell slots are for festival-goers if you’re looking for something younger! And if we were to select the award for the most WTF slot, Endorphina’s Twerk would take the top spot!

The music slots are accompanied by a rich and harmonious soundtrack, although there will be a few exceptions for the classic and more sober games.