Thematic Slots

The development of slot machines with themes and storylines from movies or popular literature has given the online gambling market a new lease of life. Adopting feature films or comic books into slot machines has allowed online casinos to attract new customers. In addition, companies such as Marvel Comics or creative labs such as Eldos Interactive have generated increasing revenues as new titles are released. As a result, the future of online gaming probably lies in themed slots, which are more attractive and spectacular than their three-reel cousins. Play it now at the online slots in Canada!

How it works

The way themed slots work is different from three or five-reel slots. The basic principle is always to bet on a winning combination draw with the understanding that it is essential that the same symbol is displayed on an entire payline. However, unlike standard pokies, you’ll notice that the symbols in the themed games are reworked to retain the authenticity of their original adaptation. Their bonuses may also be changed to respect the author’s original idea. Their graphics and soundtracks are much better than those of classic games. We have to keep in mind that there is something very artistic and sophisticated about themed slots. This is what makes them particularly entertaining and innovative.

Payout Capabilities

The winning opportunities vary depending on whether the themed pokie has three reels, five reels, multi-line, or progressive. It corresponds to a theme that is no indication of its payout. We would say that the chances and probabilities of winning a themed pokie are the same as a classic slot.

Variety of themes

There is no slot machine more innovative than the thematic ones. They depict the adventures of the heroes of our youth or the most prestigious heroes of Hollywood movies. New and exciting titles may soon be released at some online casinos featuring characters such as Forest Gump or Tom Hanks. Perhaps the greatest superhero in the history of humanity, Superman, will make an appearance in a revolutionary 50-payline themed pokie! These games are designed to delight, awaken memories and provide hours of intense entertainment.