TV games adapted to slot machines

For ages, the audience and the notoriety of TV games in Canada and all over the world are well known. They have always been thematically varied to attract the attention of as many viewers as possible. The good news is that the advent of technology and the many advances it has brought about have taken these games beyond the realm of television to the casino online Canada.

TV games that have entered the world of gambling

A lot of TV games have served as inspiration for the game of chance developers, because of their themes and the audience they have attracted. A few of them deserve to be presented here for you to know. For your information, you should remember that these TV pokies have been more adapted to slot machines, that popular category of gambling on which almost every theme of everyday life manages to be highlighted as it should be. 

Wheel of Fortune: This is an American game show whose concept consists of a competition where participants are asked to solve word puzzles that resemble those used in the game of Hangman to win money and prizes determined by spinning a giant carnival wheel. Merv Griffin created it, and the slot machine adapted from it is Wheel Of Fortune. It was designed by software developer IGT and is also a big hit with online gambling and casino fans.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? This is another excellent TV pokie that has been adapted to games of chance, especially slot machines. Originally from the UK (with the name Who Wants to Be a Millionaire), it has been broadcast and adapted in many countries since September 4, 1998, when it was the first broadcast. 

The first broadcast in France was on TF1 on 3 July 2000. The concept is essentially based on MCQs (Multiple Choice Questionnaires) of general knowledge. The slot machine that has been adapted to it is named after the British version of the pokie and is signed by software developer Big Time Gaming.