Welcome to American themed slots

Not everyone is lucky enough to cross the “big pond” and visit famous America in their lifetime. But fortunately, you can now at least get the feel of this distant world from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to the Internet. Online gambling offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in American life with the next slot machine with online casino free spins Canada.

Among the themes on which the various slot machines are based are various aspects of American culture:

  • The famous flags with the stars and stripes;
  • American celebrities, stars and starlets;
  • The Wild West;
  • Las Vegas, the city of gambling;
  • The Statue of Liberty;
  • Indians (Native Americans);
  • Movies, TV series, etc.

American slot machines for everyone

Wild West: The Wild West, implemented with impressive graphics and a fresh comic strip makes this game one of the most entertaining in the category. The characters fulfil all the American clichés, the gameplay is fast and the odds are good—a masterpiece from NextGen Gaming.

Dolly: This game from Leander developer is about an American celebrity named Dolly. A 5-reel game with 40 paylines and bonus features brings variety to the gameplay. The implementation is quite well done.

Vegas Baby: This saying is instantly associated with the pleasures of gambling in the desert metropolis of gaming. Vegas Baby slot cleverly transports players to the flashy, colourful, noisy and seductive city of Las Vegas. IGT has also ensured that there are enough features, special characters, bonus rounds, and more to ensure that the slot’s gameplay is as high as one would expect in Las Vegas.

Liberty: With the Statue of Liberty at its centre, this is an American slot with a 3-reel design. In addition to the classic symbols, such as bar symbols, there are also characters representing the Statue of Liberty, its fire, etc. A simple slot, but somewhat different from Playtech’s America.